Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thread – Rayon, Anyone?

I have found some rayon thread that i am going to try out and thought i should also share the link for those who haven’t found this.

Razzle Rayon similar they say to #8 crochet cotton, but they mean pearl cotton and comes 250 yds on a spool. Anyway I am having a tough time deciding what colors to get. It shouldn’t make to much of a difference if using it for a blouse (similar to Paradise P-079)…

p079k but for using it for a complete dress the gauge is going to be different.

The first one is white, of course but then there is Baby Pink, Peony Pink,Light Country Blue. there such other lovely colors.

The next one is YLI Pearl Crown Rayon. The write-up is as follows:

”Pearl Crown Rayon is one of the most versatile decorative threads on the market. This rayon is a highly twisted, thicker, threadlike cord. It is a versatile decorative thread that will fit many of your creative needs, both on the serger and the sewing machine.

Which means that multiple strands are going to be needed. Just want to try it out; YLI has a gold that might just work out for the Paradise P-077


This thread (Pearl Crown Rayon by YLI Corp) will not look as nice as the thread i had picked up from Super Yarn Mart years ago, but maybe it will work; the color looks correct.


Also found today, a place on eBay that you can get sport weight and fingering weight (finally found the fingering weight but i was really having a good time looking) chenille yarn. You want to go to www.thechenilleshack.com store on eBay. She is super to deal with.

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