Friday, August 21, 2009

More on the braid

If you tried out the sc braid from the previous post you will be ready for these variations. These are all worked with just one stitch – single crochet stitch and worked ‘single file’ so-to-speak or one on top of the other. But when you put your hook into different parts of the stitch (bet you didn’t know there were so many), you can find differing patterns.

The nice little braid done in the previous post used two strands of thread. This particular one and the following variations, use only one strandcrochet stitches 001b

as marked in the above photo. This little braid makes it real easy for working off the one side to which you can make a little ruffle. This would work really cute for the little Kelly dolls.

The next two braids require turning each row; both examples are shown here with a line to show the difference.sc_braid 002-3 copy

for the first one…

sc_braid_ 004b

you turn the row with the right edge going to the left and put you hook where the line indicates and in that direction.

Don’t forget you can click on the photos to get the larger view. I know my line is not very thick, but i could not get a clearer shot and figured this would make it easier to understand.

The other braid is the same but you turn the left side to the right, and use the same little loop. Always chain 1 to turn.

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