Monday, August 31, 2009

Anybody want to see?….

What the top of my computer table looks like? It’s a mess!!!

dolls 002

a mess of dolls!

I was looking through my boxes of dolls (like bleumarine and others, I have to keep my dolls in boxes for lack of room and keeping them from messed up hair) And so i took out 3 to add to what i had up here already. Two are from the Star set of dolls and one is in here original outfit., but i can’t remember her name. If anyone can tell me i would really like to know. The other is a Jazzy and she is one of 4 that i have; i am missing the one in the black outfit with the cute little hat.

I lost a lot of my dolls when my marriage broke up and then when i came up here from California. However with the help of my daughter, my girlfriend in Calif., thrift stores and ebay i have managed to get a hold of those that were my favorites and a few others.

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