Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Life’s little Blessings

eggonplateI’ve been going through another of life’s depressing moments that seem to last forever; and then get worse. But then life gets better again. Along with the mild heart attack that my daughter went through, she also had hurt her back at work with pain shooting down her leg at times. The doctor was treating her heart attack and the back situation was still going on so she went a chiropractor. So now she has no job, three children still at home, doctor bills and prescriptions and i started collecting Social Security this year. Well one can guess where that will be going.  I am so grateful to have something to give and that i can be of some help at this time.

Well, I prayed and my heavenly Father answered and said He will meet the need for healing and a job but you know how it goes when the situation is still there and though you have a load lifted from your shoulders little change goes on for awhile. That is when i “find” Little Blessings. Something silly (like the bubbles that float upward when i pick up the dish detergent bottle, Bear (my granddaughter's cat) rubbing up against my leg as he passes through the kitchen, or Fiona’s (Diana’s cat) who give my such sympathetic looks when she know things aren’t going right. And my favorite music such “Into the Day” and “Bring Me To Life” from Bebo Norman’s Album “Between the Dreaming and the Coming True”. Such treasures i tuck away in the scrapbook of my heart. The photo of the hard-cooked egg in the shape of a heart came as a surprise them morning i cut it open. Then I remembered the time that i had asked my heavenly Father, for a little something like a heart shaped hard cooked egg. This was that answer. God does hear and answer prayers; just usually it does not happen like we would want them to. And i thank Him most for his constant presence helping me through the days.


sez said...

a heart shaped egg is a very lovely thing i must say :)

cristinoel said...

Pretty neat, huh. Especially when it comes from God, the Father.