Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Just Plain Stitches

Today is the day for stitches; don’t have any reason except that when you crochet you eventually want to add to your repertoire of stitches something new and different. especially if you do any of your own doll crochet work.

The first one is named forget-me-knot.


works on Multiples of 3

Row 1: ch 2 (which counts as first dc), [dc, ch 2, sc] in 3rd ch from hk, * sk 2 sts, [2 dc ch 2, sc] in next ch, rep from * across, ch 2 (counts as first dc of next row), turn.

Row 2: ch 2, [dc, ch 2, sc] in first ch--2 sp,* sk 2 sts, [2 dc, ch 2, sc] in next ch-2 sp, rep from * across, ch 2 (counts as first dc of next row), turn

Sample was worked in Omega #20 cotton and #8 hook on 21ch and measures 2 1/16" x 7/8 inch (5 rows)

The next one is called the begonia stitch


work on Multiples of 3+2

This is really a v-st in hdc but in Mon Tricot of 1972 it was called the begonia stitch

Row 1: [hdc, ch 1, hdc] in 3rd ch from hook, skip 2 ch, [hdc, ch 1, hdc] in next ch, rep from* across ending with sk 1, hdc in last st, ch 2 turn.

Row 2: [hdc, ch 1, hdc] in ch-1 sp of each v-st across, hdc in top of turning ch or first hdc, ch 2 turn.

Sample was worked on 23 sts in #20 cotton and #8 steel hook and measures 7/8 " w. x 1 inch (7 rows)

And what about a little braid for decorating with….

crochet stitches 005 this is worked somewhat like a rice stitch making a long chain (each row is 1 sc wide).

ch 2, sc in 2nd ch from hook, ch 1, then insert hook through the two strands as indicated in photo….

crochetbraid2yo, and pull loop through and complete your sc stitch, rep for length needed.

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