Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Miniaturists, We Have It Made!

You know how hard it is to go and find fabric for doing miniature clothing. Home Sew has packages of Silk, Linen and Lawn fabrics that you can put in your printer.You can get art programs that are easy enough to use, such as Paint Shop Pro, and find lovely graphics to make little prints the right scale for your doll. It is so easy. I've been waiting for this for years. You could even scan that favorite print on that fabric that is too heavy for the scale you are working in and scan it into PS, scale it and print! Home Sew's Link is in the Valuable Link Section.

The order numbers are:

Monday, September 22, 2008

What Size is This????

I have noticed (for some time now) that quite a few of the patterns have some errors in them that will keep others from being able to do them. Such are the little beds. There is a difference in the sizes of the beds and that is because the bedspread is what determines the width of the bed quite often. Sometimes it is the headboard. The idea to help you with this is to try either the headboard or the bedspread whichever one looks more intricate in pattern and my be the determining factor in the size of the bed.

Also if the size of the bedspread is too large then try a finer thread (like size 20 if the pattern called for size 10 thread). A nice width for a Barbie size bed is 7 inches wide so you can have a guideline to go by.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

How About a Hair-do

Now that we have gotten this far, and even though i don't have the skirt done yet (you can use Annie's Attic or Paradise skirts) and i am still working on the neckline edging (which is posted to my private folder on SkyDrive) here is a lovely tutorial that can be easily adapted to doing Barbies hair: Edwardian Upswept Hair-do
Cynthia Howe has had this site up for quite a while and you can buy from her just about anything you need to the 1"=1' scale dolls. Her tutorials are easy to follow and excellently done. You can also purchase silk Ribbon in widths that are not easy to find. The link is under Valuable Links

Friday, September 12, 2008

Leg o' Mutton Sleeves in Minature

Well finally finished the sleeve and took a photo of it. This is an open sleeve that 'buttons' closed. Just something that i wanted to do for years, but didn't get it done till now. Just another piece to an unfinished outfit. Now i have to decide on the skirt and crochet it up. Tie a sash around her waist and do the other little details. I have so many projects needing attention but it looks like this one will get finished (before I pass onto better things).

Like my model? She is the one I use for most of my modeling while working on patterns. She came in a purchase from EBay that my daughter made. It was a surprise gift for me. I do have another body that has no head but i like have a head on. It kinda helps the imagination. This doll was going to be an alien or similar, I think, and now she is a model. Her hair won't get messed up and if it does, then it won't matter anyway.

I have a beautiful collar/neck-line lace that will look very nice with this, but there are other trims that could be applied to the neckline. The pattern is on SkyDrive, so is the Gibson Girl Bodice (which should be called a 'waist').

Would like to know what you think of it. please leave a comment or sign the guest book.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

About the Poll

Well i thought it would be nice to have a little widget for polls; I like to know what other people like at times. But the poll is not a finished widget. I cannot access the data but that should clear up soon. They do know that there is an issue with it. So, i will wait till they fix it. They are working on too many things right now.
I am working on the sleeves; they are almost finished. So tomorrow I should have them up for you to see.