Friday, April 24, 2009

Favorites from the emails

I thought i would share a couple of favorite kitty photos with you. These have come in the emails that go around that someone put together for the enjoyment of many. So here is the first one…..

Tiggers_fishing This is Tiggers fishing. This was a first attempt as you can see.

Cats say “Ohhhhhh…Did you want something?”

Owner says, “Yes, I want my computer, now, thank you.”

watchtvs And this crazy person is going to do what? I must watch!

These always give me a chuckle when perusing though the Pictures folder on my computer.

Oh, Yes! My daughter has a job! She is working for the census bureau.

1 comment:

Mad Bush Farm said...

Well that photo of Tigger just takes the cake. Sasquatch fell into the stream yesterday when he was following the girls around the farm. Not as funny as your photos though.