Wednesday, April 8, 2009

At the first of the year i had my projects picked out to be working on but so far have not had the desire or that spark that helps bring to fruit those projects. And since Josie’s heart attack and not being able to go back to work where she was and not being able to find a job, this year has been somewhat depressing. Ali had to quit because we were afraid of some lashing out on her because of the management moving out a former employee and her and Josie’s loyalty to that person.

Instead I’ve been working on getting together some watercolor supplies (not easy to do) and looking for photos to paints and any free watercolor lessons on the internet. That has been keeping me busy. I think that if I hadn’t known Jesus i would have just given up. The car Josie has need repairs and we had not money for snow tires or insurance and the financial help that she has received, of course does not pay for all of the bills. The monetary help that i am able to give her is not enough either. Ali does not drive yet and if she did she doesn’t have a car and being out here in the rural areas of a small town in an agricultural area does not help either. So here I am making lemonade…want to see?

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