Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Little Victories

I am endeavoring to learn how to paint as some already know (hi, Liz). I am doing great sometimes and very badly most the time and most of what i have tried is not worth showing. However, i have a few little victories and want to show them off.

The little mushroom is what i did when if tried out my Prismacolor water-soluble pencils. For those who don’t know these are not watercolor pencils but work on that principle – they are graphite based pencils that come in a set of three values and these are so smooth and beautiful when you apply water.


This other was done with watercolors and brush. I cropped it off the practice sheet. that’s why you see the tail end of my little note. Now i know that cattails don’t grow in anything but submerged dirt and i put dirt in around the plants. Next time i will put water. it’s a very small 2 3/8 x 2 5/8” and worked with a new hybrid brush f squirrel and faux bristles. I’m sure it is not really squirrel either; i don’t know of any black squirrels. But then maybe they died the hair.


Now I have to learn how to photograph my artwork so that the paper grain shows.

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acornmoon said...

I like your little mushroom drawing, it looks very believable.