Friday, April 17, 2009

My Kitties

My Little cheer-er-uppers. Little clowns i fur clothing. Not to mention the dogs who are also clowns. But that is another matter for another day.

This one is Baby….she is still a kitten; has never gotten any larger than half-grown. and tells me she loves me more than the other cats, wants to watch me as i work in the kitchen or will sit on the printer and tell me every-so-often she wants to be petted or her neck scratched….

Keeping me company


closely followed by Fi (pronounced ‘fee’ and is short for Fiona or Poebe depending on whether it is Diana’s name or mine. She answers to both.


Phoebe was rescued from mistreatment; she was found wandering the street. My daughter came across her and picked her up. She looks quite at home in a car but when you pick her up you have to do it slowly and gently; we figure she was thrown a lot. She commiserates with me when things are not going right. Her favorite pastime is running at mad-dash speed up the three and peers down at people saying “Ah ha! bet you can’t do that!” Other than that she thinks she is people, not cat though she will rough house with the dogs and Bear.

The next is Chippers; short for chocolate chip which she does not answer to but chippers she will.


She is the lady of ladies of the house. She has a scratchy voice that is so cheery and sweet. She like to stick to my room because of the dogs. She just does not understand them. They are strange, bouncy, move fast little things and she does not like her world disturbed.

Last, but not least, is Bear. He is the only male cat and belongs to my granddaughter.


He doesn’t say much and has a very quiet meow; he likes to rub against my leg and if i don’t answer immediately he will take little nip out of my leg (gently, but forcefully at the same time) to let me know he wants something He can’t do on his own. That could mean that he wants to go outside (he knocks on the door to be let in) wants up on the washer to eat (He is the biggest and heaviest of all our cats) or to let me know the pet’s water bowl needs water in it. And he won’t let me finish what i was doing; i have to do whatever it is he want right then or i get nipped again. You’d think he would understand the word “wait” by now. He also like to take naps in the bathroom sinks. He takes up the whole sink! That’s Fi peeking out of the pirate’s ship; she’s getting ready to attack! Please excuse the floor….This was a very wet time and there were 3 kids, 2 adults, 4 cats, and 4 dogs (one very large) running in and out that day. Even with walkways all around the house you know everyone has to walk through the mud!


Mad Bush Farm said...

Hi Tina.

What pretty kitties they are just so adorable. I want to cuddle them all. Love the pirate ship. My kitties would love it too what fun. And don't worry about your floor. Mine is concrete it has to be. We have so much mud in winter and the floors can get dreadful with all the wet and muck that gets dragged it but that's a farm house for you. Thanks for sharing those lovely photos.

Love and hugs

christinoell said...

Glad you like my kitties. We are a household that just can't live with out a few pets running around. I kinda figured that you would understand living in the area you are. But i didn't realize it was cement. I haven't seen a floor like that since i lived in Lancaster (desert), California on a chicken ranch. The hens didn't like me and wouldn't let me take their eggs.