Thursday, April 16, 2009

Filet Crochet 1883

This little pattern came from Peterson’s Ladies National Magazine for September 1883. There were no instructions, just this little chart. The design is charming and would be good in Size 30 thread for pillow cases and linens; Size 20 thread for bath towels. Would also look good for an edging on some sheer curtains. Click on the photo to save for a working chart.


Mad Bush Farm said...

Isn't it beautiful. My grandmother would be delighted to see this. She's 93 and still loves to crochet. I'll print it off and give it to my Mum so she can give it to gran next time she sees her. I'll keep one too and ask gran how to interpret it. Lovely


christinoell said...

One is never too old to crochet!!!