Monday, December 22, 2008

A Snowy Winter Day...

Well it is getting very close…just 2 days away from Christmas eve and I am making fudge and finished these slippers. I just love the colors in the Fun Fur (Lion Brand Yarns) and know that Ali will also. The pattern will be available pretty soon but you can add an edging of the fur yarn by making a (sc, ch 6) twice in each stitch around the edge of your crocheted slipper. The slippers were done single strand of knitting worsted and a size ‘G’ aluminum hook.

We have 6 inches of snow and it is snowing now as i am writing this. It always looks so pretty with everything covered in snow. And I am listening to the radio station; they are playing Christmas music and that just adds to the atmosphere. After making the fudge i placed it out in the snow to cool. Now I have to go bring it in and package some up for the neighbor across the highway.

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