Monday, December 15, 2008

Out Shopping

My daughter was having fun! She brought home a couple of bags of the furry yarn in different colors from the Dollar tree. Along with that was the silent request “Mom, make me something.” She says (out loud) ,“bought you something”. And I said silently, “Oh, goody!” while out loud I said, "For Me????", as if i didn’t know.

Then I had to go do some shopping of my own. On the internet to see what ideas i could find that would use this kind of yarn. I already know what i want but would rather have some input from somewhere else and so I went to Coats and Clarks’ web site to look for patterns and found a bunch. But there is one that I thought would work just fine and i didn’t have t work up a pattern after all.

My boa – picture will be posted later

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Dave Robertson said...

:) "Bought you something" - - famous last words. Hilarious! Looking forward to the boa...

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