Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's Christmas!

The loveliest time of the year. And it isn’t just because of the decorations and presents. It is because of the Savior’s birth. The gift God gave which started the Shepherd's and Wise men's gifts. Which is why we give presents at this time. It is nice to remember the reason why we give gifts. When up in heaven we all, we will still be giving gifts. But I wonder what kind. Worship? That is a gift we can and will be giving; it is the one that the Bible speaks of. Our crowns; the Bible say we will lay our crowns at HIs feet. I am so sure of that…I can’t imagine that God could give a gift of any crowns to me. I have not done anything deserving of any crown, so I will gladly lay mine at His feet. And I will tell Him that the only gift I need and am the most grateful for is the one of salvation.

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