Thursday, December 4, 2008

Working on

I've been working on some fun stuff; Ornament covers! These will be Christmas gifts. I needed something fun to do. And as i was working on the covers, I was doing one pattern with the shaped shell that I don't remember anyone having put up on their site and it is a rather neat little shell for decorative touches. I snapped a pic and put it up on page 2 of the basic stitches reference pages. While doing this I tried out a new little trick that the publishers of CoffeeCup had put into their html program; they make a little thumbnail and add in a link to the larger image right on the page. They don't know how badly I needed that nice little trick. I need to make the thumbnail larger than it is but I left it there on the page and you can click on the thumbnail to see the large image. Next time i will make it larger. Will post the finished ornament pictures for you to see. I am working from 2 booklets from Annie's Attic: 'Thread Ornament Toppers' and 'Satin Ball Splendor'. I did notice that the booklets have the right size of thread and hook but wrong for the size ball specified. I believe if you use size 20 thread with a 38 hook it will work out okay for the 3 inch balls. Since it seems to be next to impossible to find the satin balls ( i got mine off eBay) for any reasonable price (Wal-mart is not carrying them, neither is Bi-mart) I could only get the small ones to work on. This means I don't have a way to check it out right now. I didn't feel i could afford the $20-23.00 per 12 3-inch balls. Disappointed

That's all for now. Will post photos of the ornaments later; i am waiting for the sequin pins to come in the mail.

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