Wednesday, December 17, 2008

More on the 'Boa'

Well, folks, this is to be Ali's Christmas gift and asking her to do the posing would give it away, right? So I had to go in search of another Model.The one at hand also volunteered! Voila! He love to ham things up and does an excellent copy of "Jack Sparrow" (complete with costume he and His Mother and Sister put together for him). He even has earned a little money for his act. And since I could not choose which photo to put up, grandma decided to put them all up. So here they go…

The weather has been in the single digits around here with snow so the scenery is just perfect. Behind Jeremy are our Juniper trees, which are prevalent in this area, and since Pepper had to go outside for his business, we took pepper with us and that is the leash Jeremy is holding onto.

The pattern for this is really quite simple; making a couple of chain loops per row of one sing e crochet stitch is all it is. The yarn does the rest.


  • Size 'K' aluminum hook
  • 2 skeins of Fun Fur or Cha Cha

ch 2, and sc in 2nd ch from hk, (ch 14, sl st in 14th ch from hk) twice, turn.

Repeat this row for the length you want. I did not use but about 1 7/8 skeins for the length.

You may have to dig in the yarn for the single crochet but it is there. And actually turning just after you finish the single crochet stitch makes it easier to find it when you are ready for it.

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