Monday, September 28, 2009

While Working on…

the Millinea Mint project, I pulled out the pattern i had that has that really beautiful bodice and the really very incorrect pattern for same bodice and decided to give it another try. I will not say how many times i have tried to get this pattern correct but I did manage to do it this time!!!! I did it Saturday and today I am going back over it to make the corrections that always seem to need to be done so that you can have a copy of the pattern for the bodice if you are interested.

bodice3 001

This is the bodice before the last row that goes on around the neckline. While working on this i decided that it was just too good not to pass it up, to make this into a ballerina outfit. It will have layers of gathered tulle for the under skirt and panties.From there gold thread can be used to make trim around the edges, feathers or other trim can be added and any ballerina outfit will appear from the crocheter’s imagination.


Libby Buttons said... are very talented with the hook and yarn!

cristinoel said...

Oh, thank you, but i do hope that i have inspired you into some crochet.

Barbra Joan said...

I can crochet , but wow you are one talented lady with that 'hook'.!!! your blog is just so adorable that even though I don't crochet anymore I enjoy it so much.

cristinoel said...

Wow! thanks, Barbara Joan.

acornmoon said...

This work must be so tiny!

You remind me of my grandmother who loved to crochet and her mother who loved to do tatting. I cherish the memories of sitting next to her learning to crochet, or trying to!

cristinoel said...

Well, you know what a Barbie doll is don't you? She is that 11 1/2 inch fashion doll. I guess she is that small but to me size is somewhat relative. This is size 10 thread and is heavier than some of the others.

I think that is so neat; watching your grandmother and great grandmother. I cannot tat but i love the way it looks. And my grandmother, who was cripple with rheumatoid arthritis, did manage to teach me how to do the ch, sc and dc stitches but i really didn't learn to crochet till several years later.