Saturday, September 12, 2009

New projects

I have acquired a few of the patterns i had been wanting over the years and so now have the lovely choice of working on this or that one and am having trouble deciding which to work on first. So i guess i will work on several at the same time.

Usually when i get a pattern i try out the lace that goes on the neck line and shoulders. That is the icing on the cake. But if the icing does not turn out right then the cake is not going to get done. I do think I work differently from others, and this is not the way i work if i am doing a pattern from the start. Any way of was working on 2000 Millennium Collection for March (the only one i have right now from this year) found out, so far, that the trim was done in size ten according to the pattern but size 20 on the model and I always hated how it dipped way down in the front when I wanted it to go around the neckline of the dress. I did the lace according to the pattern and, yes, that confirmed what I already knew, so I will have the lace done for the neckline later. I set it aside to do the bodice.

I have always hated the way the bodice instructions do not come near the look on the model so i knew i was going to have to re-do it. So i did. I have the pattern if anyone wants it, but I just did a generic pattern not according to the model either. Somewhere in-between this nightmare and reality is the real bodice that I cannot seem to find. But here is what this one looks like...

And then i took that apart to the waist and put on my own little bodice pattern here with photo below.

And then did the sleeves. And it tickeld me that they came out so cute and perfect. Both bodices and the sleeve are included in the patten So have fun (for those into this kind of crochet work) I have to do some more crocheting.

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Barbra Joan said...

Chris, from Art Hearts Place go to the sidebar and you'll see Art Hearts Journey, I think you can click on that to get to it ... I'm awful with the computer and Veronica has had to help me every step, so I'll find out more about links.. but try that. I've only started to post a few things as yet , but much more to come. thanks a bunch for looking.