Monday, July 13, 2009

New Sheets, New Project Part 3


Sorry, I don’t have an iron so i cannot press it nice and smooth and pretty and these sheets do not have any polyester fiber in them. They are all 100% cotton. But they are a very nice cotton and will last a long time.pillowcase_fin

This sheet set is a very lovely pale creamy yellow and the edging is done in white. I had to get a double size because Bi-Mart did not have them in a twin size with the specifications that i gave my daughter when she went looking for them but they will do anyway on my single (twin) bed.


Barbra joan said...

omg Chris, your crochet work is beautiful, thanks for commenting on my studio and yes, I did crochet that edging so long ago. it has a heart motif, I also intended for it to be put onto a sheet and pillowcases. Never got there. My grandmother left me the edging that she made for her 'trouseau' they were on her sheets and pillowcases and I still have them. What a treasure! about 100 years old. I should take a picture and post it on my blog. BJ

christinoell said...

How absolutely wonderful to have something from your grandmother! I would love to see it.