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1893 Delineator

The Delineator was the Butterick home sewers catalog. This particular pattern came from an 1893 issue, and the Description is as follows:


(For Illustrations see Page 341.)

No. 6011.—

Other views of this basque may be seen at figures Nos. 356B and 357 B in this DELINEATOR, and at figure No. 8 on the Ladies' Plate for Spring. 1893. The basque is designed with the special needs of ladies of stout figure in view, and may be made with a high neck and a standing-collar, or with a neck high at the back and Pompadour in front, or in a shallow V at the front and back, as illustrated. It is here pictured developed in woollen dress goods and velvet, and is superbly adjusted by double bust darts, two under-arm gores at each side, side-back gores and a curving center seam; and the closing is made at the center of the front with button-holes and buttons. The lower edge of the basque forms a shapely point at the center of the front and back and is fashionably short upon the hips. The basque may have fancy elbow sleeves, or long leg-o'-mutton sleeves, with or without upper sleeves extending to the elbows, as preferred.

The upper sleeves, which will serve for elbow sleeves, when desired, are shaped by inside seams, and are sufficiently full at the top to rise fashionably above the shoulders; they are slashed at the back of the arm; and the lower edge rolls back in fanciful revers that are faced with velvet.

The basque may form part of an attractive toilette for state dinners, receptions, balls and the opera. Wool Bengaline will combine handsomely with shaded velvet in a basque of this kind, and plain velvet will unite beautifully with granite Bengaline, vrille or ondine. Less expensive fabrics are equally well adapted to the mode.

We have pattern No. 6011 in twelve sizes for ladies from thirty-two to forty-eight inches, bust measure. In the combination pictured for a lady of medium size, the basque requires a yard and five-eighths of dress goods forty inches wide, with seven-eighths of a yard of velvet twenty inches wide. Of one material, it needs three yards and five-eighths twenty-two inches wide, or a yard and three-fourths forty-four inches wide, or a yard and a half fifty inches wide. Price of pattern, Is. 3d. or 30 cents.

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