Friday, July 24, 2009

I Can’t Believe I did that….

Lost my crochet hook for the pineapple afghan that I am working on. I probably had “minions” (as Liz would call them – referring to my little furry friends) helping me big time. But then i had a package come today from an order that i placed a few days earlier for some synthetic raffia. And so i am busy making up the Annie’s Attic ‘Wicker Wonderland’ pattern with that.

That’s the table pedestal inner support that is laying on it’s side. I figure that i will get a package of aquarium rocks to weight the base with although I did alright without anything to weight the table that i made in yarn. This would be good for little children if you glue the table top to the base and use a glue that is better than Elmers. I am using a size ‘E ‘ aluminum hook instead of D and find that that works out just fine. I would have used a ‘D’ but I haven’t had one since i left Los Angeles.
I bought the Raffia from Paper Mart in California; it was 2.95 a 100 yd. spool.

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