Saturday, August 30, 2008

1893 Bodice

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This is the original write-up on the Ladies Waist. They were very descriptive on their patterns. This gave the reader a full knowledge of the season's new look and for us a real insight into the past. You can click on the picture and up will pop-up the larger view. You may also right click save to your hard drive.


(For Illustrations see Page 241.)

No. 6054—Other illustrations of this pretty waist may be seen at figures Nos. 358 B and 362 B in this delineator.

1893Del_pg241_6054f The waist is here shown daintily devel­oped in lawn and all-over embroidery. It has a full back and fronts, which are cut away in low, round outline at the top and arranged upon a high-necked lining adjusted by double bust darts under-arm and side-back gores and a curving center seam. The back and fronts are gathered at their upper edges at the center of the back and at each side of the closing, which is made invisibly at the center of the front; and the fulness at the lower edge is drawn toward the center and regulated by two rows of shirring made at belt depth apart. Under - arm gores produce a smooth effect at the sides, and a belt cut from the all - over embroidery finishes the lower edge. The plain fronts and plain backs are exposed in round-yoke outline by the low-necked portions and covered with yoke facings of all-over embroidery, from under which the material may be cut away, with dainty effect. A frill of em-broidered edging droops prettily from the upper edges of the full portions, em­phasizing the yoke effect. The full puff sleeves rise in picturesque fashion above the shoulders; they are mounted upon smooth coat-shaped linings and are finished at the wrists1893Del_pg241_6054b with round cuffs, from the edges of which frills of embroidered edging droop prettily over the hands. The becomingly high standing collar is cut from all-over embroidery and is decorated at the upper edge with a frill of edging. The mode will develop attractively in lawn, ba­tiste, cambric, gingham, cotton crepon, seersucker and all varieties of wool­lens. Washable laces, Hamburg embroidery or fancy tucking will unite prettily with cotton goods. We have pattern No. 6054 in thirteen sizes for ladies from twenty-eight to forty-six inches, bust measure. In the combina­tion pictured for a lady of medium size, the waist requires two yards and three-fourths of lawn thir­ty-six inches wide, with seven-eighths of a yard of all - over embroidery twenty-seven inches wide. Of one material, it calls for three yards and seven-eighths twenty-two inches wide, or two yards and three-fourths thirty-six inches wide, or two yards and an-eighth forty-four inches wide. Price of pat­tern, 1s. or 25 cents.

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