Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Trying Times

My daughter was in the hospital this last weekend with a mild heart attack. She is only 38 and has 2 children still in school. I am not able to help much but I feel I need to say something; she prompted the following from my heart:

Remember the verse "the devil goes about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. We are living in the times that are the pre-cursor of the end time. We must keep ourselves from any evil the devil throws at us as best we can. We must be in the word to keep us fed; malnourished Christians cannot stand! We can all be glad also that the Devil is angry with us, that he is trying to defeat use. Our hearts have at least a tendency toward God that we must nourish and keep alive. As an any soldier we should say "You may have 'this' but you can't have my (spiritual) heart! God has me in His hands, and He will get me safely home to Himself."

We must at all times guard over our hearts, keep or get our spiritual armor on and pray without ceasing. We must take our stand against an enemy we cannot see. Who sits and whispers in our ears ugly things. And all too many times we cave in to his suggestions threats and whatever attacks he wants to send against us But the Lord is triumphant against the foe and tells us that we will be also but that we must endure to the end as against any enemy. All these things are written in the New Testament. I think some need to get into the Word and find these rule that God gave to us from the time when Christians were under heavy persecution and put them back into practice.

So I send this to you who are mostly Christians and will agree with me. Please send it on to those you know.

Love in Christ, Christina (Tina) Foster

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