Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Here is a web page that is sure to cheer you up.
She writes very nicely and sprinkle the pages with beautiful photos. Enjoy

Did I tell you that my youngest daughter had a heart attack? We were not sure when she went to the hospital; neither was the doctor. But after some test they say that she did. She was told at the beginning that she should not go back to work for 2 weeks but day before yesterday she came home from the dr.'s and said she had been told that her heart is not pumping enough blood and she cannot go back to work. God is the one we are turning to and in my prayers I heard God say that everything is going to be okay. I do not know how God is going to make things okay but I do know that He will. And so I am trusting Him to do what He has planned instead of the devil doing what he had planned. God is the only one who can do anything about most things anyway. And I find the most surprising answers to my prayers at times. He answers but not in any way I would think of possible so I am waiting to see how He answers this time.

(This is a copy of a letter i sent to a friend and I though i would post it here as well)

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