Monday, October 13, 2008

Anyone for Swiss Straw?

I have been spending some time on eBay shopping for some patterns. Boy! are the charging a lot for patterns! I afford some of the patterns I wanted. But i did manage to find some that were not too spendy. And I bought some Plastic canvas patterns for Barbie's furniture.

Then I was thinking about using yarn and how that makes the drawers not slide so smoothly and I wanted drawers that would slide smoothly! I don't think I am asking that much so I went surfing for Swiss Straw. Can't find any under that name except for itty bitty packages for fly fishermen, so I tried raffia and found some at the gift wrapping stores of america. Here we go folks....Swiss Straw (listed as synthetic raffia); 100 yards at 3.75 a spool. Just perfect for plastic canvas! You can get matte or shiny and in pretty colors. And you can get it at Shopping Bag Warehouse. Or

If you didn't want to do the whole project in the raffia material, you could do the drawer bottoms,sides and back only. this would allow the drawers to slide smoothly and easily while providing the look of the yarn on the parts that show.

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