Wednesday, February 11, 2009

If anyone ever wonders why it takes me so long to finish a project I will tell you. It goes like this

I find out that i am about to become a great grandmother on the 24 of Feb about the 1st or 2nd of Feb. And as i start making a mental list of the stuff i need for what i want to give as a gift to the new little baby. I want a ‘sacque’ with bonnet and bootess, another set of bootees and a blanket.

I start to work ; i had ordered some yarn for a Barbie project and since that fell through and it was about the right type for baby yarn (which used to be thinner than it is nowadays) with this yarn and I only have one skein but that is enough to start out with and i can order more from Herrschners. No problem; they always carry this yarn. But the the first rude awakening happens. That yarn (which is the afghan yarn) is not what i thought it was. It was not as nice as it had been the last time I had ordered some (2 years ago). Well, i start any way and find that it is working up rather nice anyway and so proceed to work on the item and then check with Herrschners and find that they had put this yarn on won of there great sales and I can only get some in blue or green that nobody wants. The I go look around for the pattern (on eBay) for the blanket and the 2nd pair of bootees because i cannot find the book that i had around here and so had to spend time and money on that.

Well another week goes by and the sacque is as finished as it is going to get, i think. about half done. the books have arrived and it is a good thing that i didn't try to order yarn for that as it was not what i thought. and so have to go and find another pattern as i don’t have the money to get some at this time. It is a good thing that i have this other yarn sitting around from another project that just would not work out so I try the other patter and find it will be alright. But the bootee are working out just fine; i have size 10 thread in white! Amazing! And they are so cute and finished. The blanket is done this far but i don’t care for the edging and want to use the other edging on another blanket. And Life goes on. It is now 2 weeks before the baby is due (cesarean section) what’s a grandma to do!

Things are looking up at the moment though, the Yarn i ordered from Herrschners came so I can get started on the white afghan. I wonder if i can finish it in time…

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Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

Hi there

I thought I would come over and say hello and say thanks for following my blog. I was just reading you're going to become a great grandma. How wonderful. My Mum is a great grandma x3. Love the crochet I crochet as well for enjoyment I find it more relaxing than knitting. Have a wonderful day and take care