Friday, September 12, 2008

Leg o' Mutton Sleeves in Minature

Well finally finished the sleeve and took a photo of it. This is an open sleeve that 'buttons' closed. Just something that i wanted to do for years, but didn't get it done till now. Just another piece to an unfinished outfit. Now i have to decide on the skirt and crochet it up. Tie a sash around her waist and do the other little details. I have so many projects needing attention but it looks like this one will get finished (before I pass onto better things).

Like my model? She is the one I use for most of my modeling while working on patterns. She came in a purchase from EBay that my daughter made. It was a surprise gift for me. I do have another body that has no head but i like have a head on. It kinda helps the imagination. This doll was going to be an alien or similar, I think, and now she is a model. Her hair won't get messed up and if it does, then it won't matter anyway.

I have a beautiful collar/neck-line lace that will look very nice with this, but there are other trims that could be applied to the neckline. The pattern is on SkyDrive, so is the Gibson Girl Bodice (which should be called a 'waist').

Would like to know what you think of it. please leave a comment or sign the guest book.

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Anonymous said...

I've really enjoyed going through your blog and seeing the beautiful work you're doing! Thank you so much for taking the time in making those wonderful tutorials for your patterns...just terrific!